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01. How to connect to BandLuxe Router?
02. What' s the default "User name" and " Password " for the BandLuxe Router?
03. How to enter GUI?
A : (1) Connect PC/NB to Router.
  (2) Open Internet Explorer or other Web browser.
  (3) Input " "(default) or " R100.Router ".
  (4) Input User name and Password.
04. How to setup the configuration for the BandLuxe Router?
05. Why my data card on BandLuxe Router can not connect to the network?
06. Why the Roaming LED on BandLuxe Router is light?
07. Why can' t I link on the GUI?
08. How to setup my WiFi settings from GUI?
09. How can I have a long-time link?
10. Why can' t I use the BandLuxe Router in the office?
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